Our genius Hour project is basically done. All we have left to do is make the prototype of the shoe. I have learned to design a website and to edit a pictures for our ads. Me and partner have no arguments about what we are going to be doing because we have split the work evenly. I take care of the ads and website and my partner takes care of making and designing the shoe. 

                My Genius hour project is almost done with my partner Sufian. My partner is in charge of shoe design and I am in charge of marketing. I have developed ads for the shoe and I have made a website where people can actually see where our store is located and a phone number to contact us. My partner is almost done with the prototype shoe which is called “Elite Kings” which are the basketball shoes which are sponsored by professional NBA player Derrick Rose. We have designed 15 shoe designs, but only 1 will be made into a shoe prototype. I will be a couple more ads for business and a couple will have a discount code that you can show at the store to receive the discount. 


My experience thus far in my genius hour reflection has been a very good experience. I and partner have had no arguments thus far and we had zero disagreements. I was in charge of the advertising part of the project and my partner Sufian was in charge of the product and design. I designed a website and made a poster for the advertising part and my partner had designed the shoe and is going to make a prototype basketball shoe. On the poster I displayed the shoe (Elite Kings) and our sponsor Derrick Rose. I had made the whole website with a picture of our shoe and sponsor.    

            For me the biggest challenge I faced was when I was making the website. I had to find a quick way to make the website and that was the biggest problem but there were also a lot of small problems. Another problem would be choosing the design of the website. Besides the website my other problem would be the poster. The poster had to have the location of the store and a picture of our sponsor with the shoe which was the hard part. I had to make a copy of the shoe in Photoshop but after I had found the perfect angle for the symbol it became way easier.

  •  The Genius Hour Reflections

            The Genius Hour is when you are allowed to research anything or learn how to do something. I have chosen to have a shoe company with my partner Sufian. I am doing all the advertising and other things that involve letting people know about our company. My partner will be making the shoe and the name. We decided a shoe company because it was going to be fun. My partner designed the basketball shoe and it will be sponsored by NBA player #1 Derrick Rose. We also have more shoes that will be sponsored by different athletes. My experience during the genius hour has been really fun. My partner and I have had no arguments throughout the process. We have only had fun.

            Throughout the experience I have learned a lot. I have learned how to make a website and a poster. Our website is a real website with domain name which is http://elitessports.yolasite.com/. Our next step is to make the shoes for other sports and get more athletes to sponsor them for example we will make soccer cleats, track shoes, tennis shoes, and you name we will have it. Our shoe company might be even bigger then Nike and Adidas…. Maybe one day.

My name is aman dhaliwal. i am in grade 10. i have 1 sister. the picture below is showing some of my family in india. I like to india becouse i can do things that i can't do here in Canada. My favorite class in school is P.E.
  1. Question: What do u agree with?
    Answer: i agree with the part about the distractions. Kids get distracted easily because school is very boreing and so that makes its very easy to be distracted with a lot of things.
  2.  Question: Is school easy for you?
    Answer: Some parts are easy but it all depends on the teacher. If u have a teacher that wants the class to be creative then yes it is easy. If the teacher is strict and mean then the class becomes very difficult.
          Question: Does school make u stressed?Answer: yes it does. Combined with the stress of collage and just to pass a class is very stressful.
Question:What suggestions do have to make it better?
Answer: I am sure that there are many suggestions out there but I cant think of many. One of the suggestions I thought about was that colleges should not care about the grades and then there will be less stress. teachers should not play favorites and allow a lot more creativity.