1. Question: What do u agree with?
    Answer: i agree with the part about the distractions. Kids get distracted easily because school is very boreing and so that makes its very easy to be distracted with a lot of things.
  2.  Question: Is school easy for you?
    Answer: Some parts are easy but it all depends on the teacher. If u have a teacher that wants the class to be creative then yes it is easy. If the teacher is strict and mean then the class becomes very difficult.
          Question: Does school make u stressed?Answer: yes it does. Combined with the stress of collage and just to pass a class is very stressful.
Question:What suggestions do have to make it better?
Answer: I am sure that there are many suggestions out there but I cant think of many. One of the suggestions I thought about was that colleges should not care about the grades and then there will be less stress. teachers should not play favorites and allow a lot more creativity.

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