My experience thus far in my genius hour reflection has been a very good experience. I and partner have had no arguments thus far and we had zero disagreements. I was in charge of the advertising part of the project and my partner Sufian was in charge of the product and design. I designed a website and made a poster for the advertising part and my partner had designed the shoe and is going to make a prototype basketball shoe. On the poster I displayed the shoe (Elite Kings) and our sponsor Derrick Rose. I had made the whole website with a picture of our shoe and sponsor.    

            For me the biggest challenge I faced was when I was making the website. I had to find a quick way to make the website and that was the biggest problem but there were also a lot of small problems. Another problem would be choosing the design of the website. Besides the website my other problem would be the poster. The poster had to have the location of the store and a picture of our sponsor with the shoe which was the hard part. I had to make a copy of the shoe in Photoshop but after I had found the perfect angle for the symbol it became way easier.


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