•  The Genius Hour Reflections

            The Genius Hour is when you are allowed to research anything or learn how to do something. I have chosen to have a shoe company with my partner Sufian. I am doing all the advertising and other things that involve letting people know about our company. My partner will be making the shoe and the name. We decided a shoe company because it was going to be fun. My partner designed the basketball shoe and it will be sponsored by NBA player #1 Derrick Rose. We also have more shoes that will be sponsored by different athletes. My experience during the genius hour has been really fun. My partner and I have had no arguments throughout the process. We have only had fun.

            Throughout the experience I have learned a lot. I have learned how to make a website and a poster. Our website is a real website with domain name which is http://elitessports.yolasite.com/. Our next step is to make the shoes for other sports and get more athletes to sponsor them for example we will make soccer cleats, track shoes, tennis shoes, and you name we will have it. Our shoe company might be even bigger then Nike and Adidas…. Maybe one day.


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